Why Is Too Much Sugar Bad For Health? 8 Health Problems Due To Sugar!

No matter how much you avoid sugar, you can find it in most food items. Although added sugar might taste good, when it comes to your health, it is something that needs to be moderated. Many nutritionists and health care experts have said time and time again that sugar is not good for you and your health, and if you want to know the reason, then there are many.

Effects Of Too Much Sugar On Your Health

You can check out some of the major reasons why sugar is bad for you below:

Why Is Too Much Sugar Bad For Health

1. Weight Gain

Weight gain is one of the major harm of sugar consumption. Many dieticians go after sugar at the start of every diet when one needs to cut down on it. Whether you’re going for simple sugary foods or even juices and sodas, they are all full of fructose which increases your hunger and makes it easy for your body to consume more calories.

2. Risk Of Heart Disease

High sugar diets lead to issues related to inflammation in the body and obesity, among many others. These, ultimately result in risking your body to have heart disease. There are even risks pertaining to high blood sugar levels which can lead to heart problems as well.

3. Acne Problems

Acne is most common among teenagers and people in their 20s. Sugar spikes insulin levels, oil production, and inflammation-causing acne. There are many who have witnessed a positive change in their skin after cutting down on sugar and sugary foods and drinks. One of the main problems that they got rid of was acne.

4.  Type 2 Diabetes

We can’t talk about the harmful effects of sugar and not talk about diabetes. High sugar consumption causes resistance towards insulin. This, in turn, causes a rise in the blood sugar levels and hence one falls closer to getting diabetes. One can even fall prey to diabetes due to obesity caused by high sugar consumption.

5. Risk of Depression

While a healthy diet plays a great role in boosting your mood, a diet full of sugar does the opposite, numerous studies have concluded that consumption of processed and sugary food has adverse effects on your mood, which can cause depression, if not kept in check.

6. Speeds up Aging

Having a diet full of sugar and carbs can lead to damage to the production of collagen and elastin. This makes the skin lose its firmness and become saggy. For such issues, low carb and high protein diet is a must for anyone wanting to keep glowing and younger-looking skin.

7. Decreases Energy

Many people feel drained a good part of the week. You may not know this, but one’s diet has a lot to do with it. To keep yourself energetic and not feel drained throughout the week, it is important to keep a check on your diet and cut out the sugar. Sugar usually spikes the energy levels temporarily and so one feels energetic for only some time. Such major fluctuations in energy could be avoided with a proper diet.

8. Other Risks

Sugar has a lot of other health risks as well like the following:

Consumption of more sugar can lead to cavities. This is not just an issue with kids but also adults, If not properly taken care of, you run a risk of having even more dental problems.

Gout or pain in the joints can also be caused due to high sugar consumption. The uric acid levels increased due to consuming too much sugar increases not only the risk of gout but also worsens it after a point of time Avoiding sugar does not necessarily mean that you should avoid sweet food altogether, After all, what would all the people with a sweet tooth do? So, one thing to keep in mind is that there are always alternatives. You can use natural sweeteners like honey and jaggery which are much healthier and do not cause the harm that sugar does. There are even various recipes online that can help you achieve perfection in using natural alternatives to sugar.

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