Can Stretching Burn Calories For Overweighted Persons?

Waking up in the morning and stretching your body can seem like such a way to power through the day, but it might not seem like an intense workout, especially since its prime purpose is to loosen the knots and improve the range of motions of your body. Does this pose the question, does stretching actually help in burning calories? Here is an article that explores the answer to this question, so read on to find out. 

How many calories can you burn While Stretching?

If you are burning any calories during stretching, then it is probably because of your body’s metabolism at work. Stretching is not a fitness plan that you should count on if you wish to lose weight. That being said, you can burn a moderate number of calories depending on the intensity of your stretches. Really intense stretching session, wherein new movements are to be performed every minute or so, can burn around 149 calories within thirty calories, for a 155-pound person. If you are a particularly large person, then the calories you burn from a stretching session will be a lot more compared to a relatively smaller person, since there is more mass to move around. Someone who weighs 120 pounds will be able to 120 calories while someone who weighs 200 pounds will be able to burn 178 calories through the same workout. 

Stretching Burn Calories

Static stretches

An interactive yoga session burns a lot more calories compared to a stretching session that involves more sitting and lying down. An average of 42 calories can be burned during these low-intensity stretching sessions, but most of these calories will be burned solely to perform various bodily functions. In order to burn maximum calories, you can try static stretches, since these can help in giving your body a good workout. Hold a static stretch for at least 20 to 30 seconds and repeat it three times for an effective calorie-burning session. That being said you should not hold this static stretch for too long, as this could adversely affect your tissues and lead to further damage. 

Dynamic Stretches 

Dynamic stretching, unlike static stretching, involves only holding a certain muscle in a specific position for a while. Dynamic stretching involves training sessions of high-intensity exercises, which aim to improve the strength and agility of the muscles as well as the connective tissues. Lunges, knee hugs, circling the arms, et cetera, are some of the best dynamic stretching exercises that can burn a considerable number of calories. Calisthenics and body-weight workouts are also some high-intensity workouts that you should consider if you wish to burn calories through stretching. 

How long should you hold a stretch?

As you must have deduced by now, the amount of time that you hold in a stretch has a direct impact on the number of calories that you can burn from it. The average time depends on the individual. The mantra for burning the maximum number of calories is to hold the stretch until your muscles begin to feel an increasing burn. Hold in the stretch for a few more seconds until the burn begins to set in. That being said, you should not hold it in for so long as to damage your tissues.  You should ensure that the intensity finds a proper balance within your body. 

The bottom line is, stretching is one the best ways to workouts for improving the flexibility of your body, as well as improving the mobility of your muscles. While most of the calories burnt during it are a result of metabolic activity. It is not something you should rely on if your end objective is to lose weight. Stretching is great if you wish to relieve back pain, improve your blood circulation and give you that important jolt of energy that is required to improve your performance at various activities throughout the day. You can engage in a high-intensity stretching activity if you wish to burn slightly more calories from it. Stretching is best to loosen knots in your body and reduce the stress being applied to your stress-carrying muscles. So, you can engage in yoga, Pilates, Tai chi, et cetera, if you wish to incorporate effective and efficient stretching workouts into your fitness plan. By doing this, you can enhance the effectiveness of your workout on your body, and relieve your body from intense training sessions.

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