Physical Signs, Symptoms, And Management Of Stress.

Today people have understood the importance of mental health but, at one point or another, one can be stressed due to some negative circumstances. Stress is a condition of emotional or mental strain that may be caused by several harsh events. Note that this is a body response that can also be viewed as a positive reaction when it helps you keep off from danger, be motivated, and do other positive things.

What Are The Symptoms Of Stree And Anxiety?

However, stress is a  problem in today’s world because people experience it for a long period without relief. This condition comes with mental or physical signs and symptoms. Read on till the end to know the signs and symptoms of stress.

Physical Signs, Symptoms, And Management Of Stress.


Acne is a skin condition where your skin pore is blocked by bacteria, sebum, or dead skin cells. The blockage will, in turn, lead to pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, and nodules. Also, many studies have shown that acne development results from having too much stress. When someone is stressed, there is abnormal production of hormones, excess oil skin production that will lead to blocked pores.


It is one symptom that shows you are stressed. Here you will have a headache that will lead to some pain in your forehead and the neck region. Others can experience a severe headache due to stress. Also, some studies have shown that a high-stress level is associated with increased headaches.

Chronic pain

Increased stress can cause pains and aches in your body. When the stress hormone is released in your body, they also contribute to chronic pain. Though other factors can contribute to chronic pain, one of the significant factors is stress.

Frequent sickness

Frequent sickness is one sign that you are under stress. It is because stress can harm your immune system and make you susceptible to some infections. Some of the infections you can have due to prolonged stress are respiratory infections, such as prolonged flu. Though other factors can contribute to weak immunity, a high stress level is also associated with weakening your immune system and making you susceptible to infections.


Insomnia is a condition that can make you have a sleeping disorder. This condition can come due to chronic pain or decreased energy levels resulting from prolonged stress. Stress may disrupt your sleep and cause this condition to you. Several studies have shown that a high-stress level can lead to restlessness or sleepiness at bedtime.


Depression has become one of the most dangerous mental health issues, especially during the pandemic time. It is a mental symptom that is contributed by chronic stress. Though many other factors can contribute to depression, stress is one of them which takes part in the development of depression.

Change of appetite

A change of appetite is a common sign that someone is under stress. When you are stressed, you may have a lot of appetites or lose your appetite. You will find other people overeating even though they are not hungry, and others lose appetite. Therefore a change in appetite is highly associated with high stress levels.

Low Libido

During stressful periods many people experience changes in their libido. Thus, this sign shows that when a person is under stress, their libido lowers.

Digestive problems

Digestive problems are another symptom that someone who is stressed might show. Some of these issues are stomach pain, bloating, constipation and diarrhea. This issue comes due to a change in body metabolism as the person may be dehydrated and have a low body activity level.

Rapid Heartbeat

A fast heartbeat or increased heart rate can be a symptom of having stress. It is because the heart rate reactivity is a response to either a non-stressful or stressful event. Between the two, you will find the heartbeat rate is higher during a stressful event.


Others, when they are stressed, can have excessive sweating. Much research has shown that both exercise and stress can play a significant role in increasing the rate at which someone can sweat.

Mental or emotional problem

It is another symptom that you can see from people who are stressed. These people may have a memory problem, inability to concentrate, poor judgment, racing thoughts, feeling overwhelmed, anger, and many others. These symptoms come as a result of having too much stress.


Stress is a condition that most people have to pass through during their lifetime at one point or another. It is a condition that triggers many symptoms and signs that can be visible to the individual. However, there are many ways you can use to relieve yourself from stress by involving yourself in activities like meditating, physical exercise, and many others.

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