How Has the Pandemic Led To Obesity In Children And Adults?

Covid 19 has been one of the tragic disasters we humans ever faced. Constant lockdowns and curfews have made a mess out of our social life. ‘Lockdown’, the word itself, has been exhausting to many people out there. The collateral damages lock down brought us ranges from neurotic mental disorders like anxiety, depression to severe life-threatening lifestyle diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, obesity, etc.

Impact Of Covid 19 On Obesity

The contemporary world has always been a hub of lifestyle diseases. What lockdown did was, it just accelerates those graphs and ratios. Continuous locking down has forced people, including children to restrict themselves into their homes. Some are lucky enough to have a big enough backyard. But most of the contemporary humans were forced to settle down inside their finite square feet flats. Along with that schools and colleges introduced online class systems and the majority of the offices were giving tasks to their employees to work from home. Of Course, all these safety measures are needed to stop the spread of a pandemic, but these regular social distancing schemes had some severe impairment on our day-to-day life.

Pandemic Led To Obesity In Children And Adults

As much as we call it collateral damage, we should beg to differ as well. Yes, the covid pandemic emerged out of the blue. Lockdown was made mandatory to stop the spread of the pandemic. But it never means that we should put ourselves into a circle of negativity and let ourselves burn inside that. There are plenty of other measures to compensate for all these issues lockdown has given us.

What contributed to the extreme obesity hike in children and adults?

When social isolation was made mandatory, a huge amount of the population had to cut down all the physical activities they have been carrying all these days. Those gym rats out there were forced to leave the gym till the lockdown existed. Workouts do have an addictive property. When these people were made to leave what they love the most, they went into a state of depression like a psychological condition. And compulsive eating has been always associated with depression. All these all together resulted in obesity in a vast majority of the population.

When it comes to children, children in this contemporary world are addicted to smartphones, computers, and other tech stuff. Covid 19 pandemic just accelerated that addiction. During the phase of social isolation, there were no evening playgrounds, no basketball, no soccer, no football, no baseball, no gathering with either school friends or street friends, nothing whatsoever. Along with all these, having all kinds of junk foods and unhealthy stuff. All these factors have contributed heavily when it comes to obesity in children and teenagers.

How to get rid of this stage?

Practise eventually becomes a process and the process becomes routine. This routine eventually will become a habit. And once the habit is developed, It is extremely difficult to come out of that self-destructive bubble. It is not impossible, but it takes a considerable amount of guts and willpower to break those unhealthy habits. Lockdown never restricts you from doing your workouts from home, lockdown never restricts you from playing some indoor or backyard games, lockdown never restricts you from eating a healthy diet. So all these days, the excuses people were making were irrelevant. If you wish, there is always a way, always.  

We still don’t know when Covid 19 pandemic will end. It may or in the worst scenario, it may not. So it is our prime responsibility to adapt according to the changes. The human race existed and evolved all these billions of years due to its adaptability. Those who cannot end up being the prey of mother nature. Yes, the survival of the fittest theory can be applied in this scenario. Always remember that some wise men in the past said, “Never sit like a clock, Work like a clock..!!” 

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