In Ketosis But Gaining Weight? Why Keto Diet Makes You Gain Weight?

A ketogenic diet plan, also known as Keto Diet is a diet plan intended to reduce your weight with a high fat and protein content, and low carbohydrate diet. Then your body will reach a stage called Ketosis, where the body is then forced to burn fat content stored inside for energy instead of carbohydrates and glycogen. This results in a fast and effective weight reduction process. Keto-based diet regime has gained worldwide popularity these days thanks to its simple and minimalistic approach people can well relate to. 

How To Speed Up Weight Loss In KetoDiet?

Will the Keto diet, which was supposed to reduce your body weight, increase your body weight?

The Keto diet was formulated to reduce your extra amount of fat chunks. But there have been some reported cases of increased body weight from the Keto diet program. The main reason for this ironic effect may be that your body may not have reached the stage of Ketosis.

Keto Diet Makes You Gain Weight

There are some of the other reasons for the weight gain from keto-based diet programs. They are the following. 

  • Genetics

Genetics plays an important role in the formation of your mind and body. You are what you are written in your gene pools. If there is a genetic predisposition of obesity in your genes, then even a Keto diet cannot help you to lose that excess amount of body fat. In such people, their diet and fitness regime plays zero roles. They got the obesity from the inherited genes of their forefathers and these people can pass on this genetically predisposed obesity to their future generations. 

  • Lack of exercise

A ketogenic diet alone won’t help you to lose those excessive fat depositions inside your body. Along with a Keto based diet, it is also very important to sharpen your fitness regime. Having a well-scheduled exercise regime will help you sort out many things. Exercise helps you to fight against all sorts of lifestyle diseases, stress, heart-related diseases, etc. So if you are not a physically active person, then losing those excessive fat chunks may be a difficult task. Consider doing light to moderate exercise thirty minutes to one hour a day. This along with your Keto diet program will fasten your weight reduction process. 

  • Carbohydrates intake

The ketogenic diet regime is all about cutting down carbohydrates intake to drastic levels and replacing it with high protein and fat content foods so that your body will burn the excess fat accumulated instead of glycogen and carbohydrates. So, if you won’t stop taking carbohydrates, then there is no use sticking to a Ketogenic diet schedule because the Keto diet regime is all about reducing the carbohydrates intake and replacing it with high protein and fat-containing food. A high intake of carbohydrates will not only increase your excess body weight but also impairs your life with all sorts of lifestyle diseases like blood sugar (diabetes), blood pressure, and cholesterol. 

  • Smoking and Drinking Habits

Alcohol and nicotine are well-known agents that shatter your health into pieces. Alcohol and nicotine had plenty of adverse side effects and there are many potentially life-threatening side effects among these including various types of cancers, heart-related diseases, etc. Obesity has been always associated with a considerable amount of people who had a history of regular intake of alcohol and nicotine. 

  • Too Much Protein Intake

There is a widespread misconception that Keto based diet is all about protein intake. Light to moderate amounts of lean protein and fat content foods are recommended as far as the Keto Diet Programmes are concerned. Excess protein intake can result in the formation of blood sugar (Glycogen) which breaks down and results in weight gain ultimately. So, keep an eye on the protein and fat-rich foods that you have regularly while practicing Keto diets. 

  • Lack of Nutrients in Diet

No matter what kind of diet regime you are following, it is always important to enrich yourself with proper nutrients, and the Keto diet is no exception. Adding a lot of nutritious foods to your Ketogenic diet plan will do wonders. Protein and fat alone will not supply the complete nutrients needed for your body. Only a completely well-balanced diet can cater to all your specific fitness goals. 

Although Keto Diet is a proven effective method for weight loss, it may not be effective for everyone. Each individual is different and there is no single gate entry for all their needs. Discuss your goals and plans with your family physician and dietician and schedule your specific dietary charts accordingly through a collective process. 

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