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Dr. Julie Sierra

General Medicine


Doctor of Medicine, The University of Texas Health Science Center, Houston, Texas

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General medicine

Dr. Julie Sierra, MD

General Medicine

Prior to the ArtisanBistro expert team, Dr. Julie Sierra was part of the ER teams at The Woman’s Hospital of Texas, and the Texas Children’s Hospital, in Houston, Texas. She is a Houston native by birth, and completed her medical studies as well as residency at The UT Health Science Center, located in Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center, Houston. She is an avid reader as well as nature enthusiast whom her patients and friends term an ‘unconditional empath’.

My Experience

Emergency Medicine

Experienced as the supervising ER physician at The Woman’s Hospital, as well as The Children’s Hospital, both located in the Memorial Hermann-Texas campus.

Critical Care Medicine

Diagnosed, provided critical care, and further treatment plans to more than 500 critically injured patients, helping many of them back to life.


An expert in the field of heart, vascular, and blood circulation problems. Experienced in treating major health issues such as heart arrhythmia, heart failure, arteriosclerosis, etc.