How To Improve Nail Health Naturally – Nail Care Tips!

Our nails are an often overlooked section of the body. While most of us love painting them with numerous colors and hitting the nail salon to shape them into pretty nails, we rarely look at what these tiny organs of our body have to tell us.

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Did you know that your nails can actually reveal extremely instrumental facts about your overall health? Yes, that’s right! These small organs are packed with vital information, and as a result, taking care of them and ensuring that their functionality is maintained becomes increasingly impertinent. So, how do you stop looking at your nails as a mere organ to doll up on occasion, and instead switch to methods that help you improve their health?

Improve Nail Health Naturally
  • Take breaks from applying nail polish –

While decking up our nails and making them look Instagram-worthy is a seemingly lucrative activity, it is wise to give your nails regular breaks from all the varnish and chemicals. Coating them with nail paint on a regular basis can reduce their ability to breathe and interact with the atmosphere, thus weakening them. Every time you apply nail polish, ensure to remove them with chemical-free nail paint remover and allow your nails to simply be for at least a week before painting them again.

  • Keep a close eye on what you consume –

The health of your nails is a close indication of the overall health of your body. This means that it is extremely impertinent to watch over what you use to feed and nourish your body. A lack of adequate vitamins and minerals can be detrimental to the health of your nails and lead to deficiencies, so ensure to consume foods that are packed with such healthy nutrients. Drinking plenty of water is also very important in order to preserve the sanctity of your nails. Being dehydrated for long periods of time can cause your nails to become brittle and peel off. In order to avoid such issues and maintain well-moisturized nails, drink at least eight glasses of water on a daily basis.

  • Steer clear of acrylic nails –

Artificial nails which are commonly made of acrylic, are widely used by people who find it difficult to grow long nails. While they make your hands look extremely vogue, they also cause the nails beneath them to weaken and subsequently peel off. As a result, steering clear of the usage of such nails is important to maintain good nail health. If you must make use of them, then avoid having them on for long periods of time. Gel polish, when used for such artificial nails, requires exposure to UV rays, which in turn speeds up the aging process in the skin surrounding the nails, which means that you should avoid making use of these as well.

  • Keep your nails short –

Although grown nails make them look fashionable, they also increase your chances of getting your nail caught in other stuff and thus increase the chances of their breakage. Cracks, splits, et cetera which result from long nails prove to be extremely detrimental to their health, so try trimming your nails as regularly as possible. Furthermore, if at all you must keep your nails adequately long, then avoid using them to open cans and other such objects. Make use of alternative tools that can complete the task equally well so that you can maintain healthy nails.

  • Keep your nails moisturized –

When your nails face a dearth of hydration, it becomes difficult to maintain their health, since a lack of moisture can cause them to weaken and break off. Make use of hand creams and lotions in order to keep your nails optimally hydrated. Steer clear of over usage of drying agents such as hand sanitizer, which can be extremely harmful to the health of your nails. Some shampoos also consist of drying agents, so steer clear of excessively using your nails to apply them onto your scalp, so as to keep them moisturized.

Your nails are crucial parts of your body, although it can be easy to think otherwise. While chemicals and artificial products can make them look momentarily aesthetic, they harm your nails in the long run, so proceed with your usage of them with caution. Keep a close look at the kind of products that you expose your nails to, and ensure to follow a healthy lifestyle so that your nails can remain healthy too!

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