How To Manage Headaches?

Imagine this, you have an important day ahead and you have been preparing for it for days together when suddenly, a headache strikes! Or perhaps you come home from a tiring day at work and you simply want to have a relaxing evening when out of nowhere you come down with a headache! Sound familiar? If yes, then you might be well acquainted with the hassles that come along with treating those unwanted headaches.

Countless over-the-counter painkillers later, many people simply choose to give up and attempt to ignore those recurring throbbing pains as they go about their day. Well, that might not be the healthiest option.

How To Manage Headaches?

While medical intervention can become necessary at some point, here are some ways through which you can alleviate your headaches and allow yourself to experience some of the greater joys of life. 

How To Manage Headaches?

1. Consume caffeine

You see, when you suffer from a headache, the blood vessels in your head start to either swell or tighten themselves, which causes an increased flow of blood. This leads to a rise in blood pressure, which in turn sends pain signals to your brain. When you consume caffeine, these blood vessels start to constrict in order to decrease the blood flow to your head, which reduces the pain.

Moreover, when you consume caffeine with painkillers, it allows for better absorption of the medication, and in turn, alleviates the pain in a quicker manner. Therefore, intake of moderate amounts of caffeine can help you manage your headaches to a large extent. 

2. Dim the lights in your house

If you are prone to severe migraine headaches, then you might want to keep your exposure to bright light to a bare minimum, as they are huge triggers. Dim the lights in the evening, and avoid going near flickering lights. Keep your brightness levels on electronic gadgets to a minimum as well, and try to invest in some thick shades to block out bright light during the day. You can even try sunglasses if you have to step out of your house on a particularly bright day. 

3. Use a cold pack

Cold compresses can be a godsend if you suffer from migraines. Widely used to treat headaches, these can help alleviate the pain within a few minutes. Simply wrap some ice cubes in a clean towel and place them against your forehead for around 15 minutes, after which you can take a break. You may even substitute ice cubes for cold packaged foods or a cold shower. 

4. Drink plenty of water

Dehydration can often lead to severe headaches, so in order to prevent this, make sure that you keep your fluid intake high. You may even drink energy drinks in order to supplement the loss of electrolytes in your body. If you are experiencing a dehydration headache, then do not consume any caffeine as it has a certain dehydrating effect.

Reduce any physical activity at the point in order to prevent the loss of moisture in the form of sweat and consume plenty of water. Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day is the recommended level, and you may even choose to suck on ice cubes in order to replenish the water in your body.

5. Reduce pressure on your scalp

Applying too much external pressure on your head can trigger a headache. In order to manage this, avoid tying your hair in a tight ponytail, and if possible, let it hang loose until the headache subsides. It is also advisable to stray away from extremely tight hats, goggles, or even headbands as they could trigger an external compression headache. 

6. Try relaxation techniques

Extreme stress can often cause severe headaches, especially if you suffer from migraines. In order to curb this pain, you can engage in some relaxation procedures that could help you shed some of that load off your brain. Different people find different activities to be relaxing, so the key is to find whatever soothes you.

Whether it is listening to some music, going out for a walk, meditation, stretching, sketching, or even watering your plants, just make sure to dedicate some amount of time every day to perform these activities. 

Headaches can be a huge source of anxiety for many, and can even reduce the quality of your performance in daily activities. Seek medical attention if you feel like the pain is getting out of hand, as it could signal a bigger problem.

You may make use of the above techniques if you wish to manage these headaches in a more natural way, as they have proven to be quite effective. Just try to keep your stress levels to a minimum, and engage in activities that make you happy, so that your headaches can be curbed to a large extent and you can once again find fulfillment in the tasks of everyday life. 

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