How To Check Blood Sugar With A Glucometer At Home?

It is never a single disease that affects you and your health. Whenever you develop a disease, you are bound to get several other complications along with it. You are always stuck in a vicious cycle of drugs and side effects. Talking about type 2 diabetes, you must know that it can lead to an increased risk of heart diseases. However, you do not have to feel anxious about it as it can always be reduced by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

How To Use A Glucometer Effectively?

Further, it is also important to keep a check on your blood sugar levels as it can help determine what is exactly happening in the body. Be it type 1 or type 2 diabetes, several home devices have been introduced like glucometers to help you get exact information about your blood sugar levels. Glucometers are portable electronic devices that give you instant feedback and let you know about your blood glucose levels.

Check Blood Sugar With A Glucometer

Regular monitoring becomes important as it keeps you aware of the conditions in your body. But it is also important to know how to use your device effectively in order to get the maximum information out of it.

What do you need to know about glucometers?

Glucometers or glucose meters are specially designed for people suffering from diabetes to measure their blood sugar levels. It just uses a single drop of blood to determine the level of glucose in the blood. They are quite handy and can be taken anywhere along with you.

If you are suffering from latent autoimmune diabetes, type 1, type 2 diabetes then a glucometer is meant for you. Apart from this, if you have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes during pregnancy, you are good to use glucometers.

What is the benefit of using a glucometer?

If you are used to using a glucometer much frequently, you must know that it helps in controlling your blood sugar levels. You get to know when your levels are going up or down and you can take measures accordingly. Further, it will also help you to recognize patterns when you are more likely to witness a spike or crash in the blood glucose levels.

A glucometer can be used to see the effects of strenuous exercises on blood glucose levels as well as on times of stress. You must look at the effects of diabetes medicines and other therapies on your body.

What happens when the blood glucose levels are not maintained?

Increase in triglyceride levels

Decreased levels of HDL and increased levels of triglycerides can lead to the development of heart diseases. Triglycerides are a type of fat present in your blood and their increased levels can contribute to the hardening of arteries. Therefore, stability is required in cholesterol levels.

Increase in blood pressure levels

High blood sugar levels can cause harm to your nerves and blood vessels that control your heart. As the blood pressure increases, it leads to increased flow of blood through the arteries with much greater force. This is not a good sign because it can cause damage to the walls of the artery. Being diabetic puts you at greater risk for heart diseases.

Increased LDL levels

An increase in the levels of LDL cholesterol is harmful to your body. It is termed as the bad cholesterol that is responsible for the formation of plaque on the inner walls of the arteries. It obstructs the blood flow and increases pressure on your heart. It can damage the artery walls.

When should you test your blood glucose levels?

It is important to stay in touch with your healthcare provider and to know how often you should test them. Also, it should be asked at what hours of the day you must conduct the tests and how are you supposed to react in situations of concern. Also, your frequency of tests will depend on the type of diabetes you have and the personal treatment plan.


Never miss appointments with the doctor and make sure that you follow a healthy lifestyle along with continuing your medications. Also, you can get in touch with a diabetes care and education specialist to avoid the risk of developing severe health conditions. Do not hesitate to take support and counseling sessions if required.

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