How To Calm Anxiety And Get Some Sleep? Some Tips To Follow!

You may feel anxious about certain things or events and that is completely normal. Often, you may develop some specific anxiety disorders that can lead to troubled sleep. Less amount of sleep causes a lot of problems like mood swings, depression, and even irritability. Good sleep helps to restore energy in the body and make you feel fresh.

How To Sleep With Anxiety?

Usually, anxiety may worsen at night as we tend to think more at that time instead of the entire day. It is only at night that you finally get to relax and analyze how productive you have been the entire day. Anxiety disorder can be thought of as an overactive amygdala in the brain. It is important in such situations that you consult an anxiety specialist to help you remain calm and composed.

How To Calm Anxiety And Get Some Sleep

What can be done to calm down your anxiety?

There are various approaches to help calm down your anxiety depending on the intensity of responses you generate. Some specific treatments like sensorimotor psychotherapy or EMDR can be carried out that are helpful in dealing with your nervous system. It resets the entire nervous system and offers stability to the overactive amygdala responsible for causing anxiety.

Some of the other methods that can be tried by you to relax your body and calm your mind are:

Perform de-stressing exercises

As you feel anxiety gripping over you, you must start taking some deep and slow breaths. Try to focus and pay attention to every breath leaving your body. Concentrate on the air entering, lungs getting filled with it, and finally getting released.

Apart from this, you can also perform a mental exercise where you are required to visualize a lot of files and folders put on a table. Every file is signified, each thought running through your mind. Access them and see which file is least important. As this categorization occurs, it leads to calming your mind and is an indication of the fact that nothing is going wrong. It provides satisfaction that everything will be sorted as per their importance.

Proper sleep routine

You need to fix your routine for sleep in order to make the body and mind used to it. The term routine can function differently for everyone. For some, it might be reading a book before sleeping while for others it can be meditation. It indicates that you are allowing your body to relax and attain stability.

A sleeping routine takes you away from stress and tensions. It must not include any kind of debates or discussions around politics, payment of bills, using the phone, or listening to the news. Exposure to blue light and limiting the screen time is essential as it will aid in getting a sound sleep.

Do not lie awake

Once you have relaxed your body and perform de-stressing activities, you must sleep for nearly 20 minutes after laying on the bed. In case you are unable to sleep, do not lie awake as it will lead to the inclusion of new thoughts and worries in your mind. At this point in time, you should try restarting your sleeping routine to stay calm.

In addition to this, it is advised not to switch on the bright lights while trying to sleep. You can also try petting your dog down or having a cup of tea to provide the body another chance to wind down.

Go for sleep around the same time every day

You must be knowing that the human body runs a 24-hour clock internally as well. It is termed circadian rhythm. It informs the mind when to take a rest and when to stay alert. However, the mind requires consistency to follow it. If you go to sleep at the same time every day, you are training your mind and body to that routine. Moreover, you have to wake up at the same time even if you have slept late due to some reason.


Consistency is the key to letting your anxiety bow down and help you stay relaxed. These methods help in the build-up of sleep drive and let you sleep faster. You can also try using multi-position posture pillows, scented candles, an aromatherapy diffuser, or a mosaic weighted blanket to help induce sleep. Make sure to visit a specialist if you do not observe the effectiveness of these approaches.

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