5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Using Manuka Honey Daily!

Today we are in the midst of a transitional phase of society, wherein people are waking up to the health benefits of naturally-sourced, organic foods. Among them, the popularity of manuka honey has been growing in recent times. Facts about the range of benefits it provides to our well-being have been spreading like wildfire among health enthusiasts. Before we delve into those benefits, let us first understand what exactly manuka honey is.

What Are The Benefits Of Having Manuka Honey On Immune System?

Originating from the country of New Zealand, it is made by the bees which pollinate with the flower commonly known as the Manuka Bush. Over the course of time, this natural sweetener has been used in various parts of the world for its health benefits, some of which are mentioned below. 

Health Benefits Of Using Manuka Honey
  1. Provides relief to sore throats – Suffering from a sore throat can hinder a lot of daily activities. During flu season, the threat makes itself a lot more persistent, which often sends people into a spiral of searching for natural antidotes. Manuka honey is an excellent relief provider from the hassles of sore throats. It acts as a coating within the inner lining of the throat, thus providing a soothing effect to it. It even attacks the harmful bacteria which lead to the sore throat, thus acting as a natural cough syrup. Numerous studies have found links between decrease in the severity of a sore throat and the consumption of manuka honey. 
  2. Alleviates digestive disorders Digestive disorders are quite common among people around the globe, especially irritable bowel syndrome, which can often disrupt your daily activities. Constipation, diarrhea, et cetera, are usual by-products of such digestive problems. Due to the presence of antioxidants, and its anti-inflammatory properties, manuka honey has been proven to have positive effects on such digestive issues. In numerous studies conducted on rats, this type of honey has shown its healing effects on diarrhea and bowel inflammation. 
  3. Can reduce the symptoms of cystic fibrosis – Cystic fibrosis is a disorder that affects the respiratory system of those afflicted by it, and can be quite fatal in many cases. It leads to the formation of thick mucus, thus blocking the air passages and making it difficult to breath. In studies conducted on patients with cystic fibrosis, it was recorded that manuka honey inhibited the growth of bacteria that lead to respiratory issues, thereby making it easier for them to breath. 
  4. Decreases acne – Acne is commonly experienced by people in their formative years, although in many cases, it makes a reappearance in later stages of life. This may either be a result of hormonal changes in the body, or poor lifestyle choices. Manuka honey helps in clearing out the dirt from your skin, thus reducing the severity of the acne on your skin. It even helps in alleviating the extent of acne through its anti-inflammatory properties. A major study that researched about the antibacterial properties of manuka honey, found that it is just as powerful as antibacterial soap when it comes to treating acne. 
  5. Helps the body heal – For centuries, manuka honey has been used to treat various scars and burns on the body, due to its ability to quicken the healing process. In the year 2007, the US FDA approved the usage of manuka honey for the treatment of wounds. Manuka honey has been proven to reduce pain among burn victims, and promote the process of tissue regeneration, thus facilitating the process of healing. A major study based in Saudi Arabia found that manuka honey, when used in wound dressings, coupled with the usual wound treatment was more effective in treating diabetic ulcers when compared to mere conventional wound treatment techniques. The treatment of scars among people who have undergone surgery can also be done with manuka honey, since it is far less painful and more effective. 

The bottom line is, manuka honey has been used for its regenerative properties for eons together, and the results of the research prove that its benefits continue to be of use even in today’s medical scenario, thus proving that it will continue to be used by millions across the globe. It provides relief to multiple types of wounds, and can even be used to treat a variety of bodily disorders in a natural way. Manuka honey is loaded with antioxidants, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, thus making it an extremely useful substance. 

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