Does Group Exercise Give You More Health Benefits?

Recently, exercise become a part of everyone’s life. Most of the people, from kids to older adults do work out with their capacity. There is various mode of exercise such as solo, dual, and groups.  

All types of exercise have their own benefits. However, people always questioned the benefits of group exercise. 

Why Exercising In Group Is Better?

Does group exercise give you more health benefits? The simple answer is Yes. Group exercise gives more health benefits than solo exercise. 

This article is going to discuss the benefits of group exercise and give some suitable examples of group exercise. 

Benefits Of Group Exercise

Group exercise and Solo exercise 

There is a huge difference b between group exercise and solo exercise. The benefits are too different.

Consider two-person starts to run. A person runs alone and another person runs with a group. The energy, commitment, duration, and other things will be different from each other. 

Because we get more energy when we exercise with a group. The duration will be higher than the solo exercise. We will be more committed to the exercise when we are in a group.

However, it does not mean the solo exercise is not at all good. Solo exercise has its own benefits. But, the group exercise is more effective when compared with solo exercise. 

Benefits of Group exercise

  • Increase commitment: When you are in a group exercise, you will be more committed to the workout. There is socialization happening in the group exercise. So, you will be committed to the group. Through that commitment, you feel an emotional attachment with the workout also.
  • Get more motivation: You will get more motivation to do exercise when you are in a group. You can not stay without doing exercise. You get motivation from other members’ workouts and stay active. 
  • Safe workout: Group exercises are safer than solo workouts. Because, when you are in a group exercise and you got injured, there will be many people to take care of you. On the other hand, in solo workouts, people even feel doubt to try out a new form of exercise. Because they are afraid of the chances of getting injured. So, group exercises are safer to try out various kinds of workouts
  • Improve patience: Every workout takes time for the final result. When you work out alone, the lag of results will give a bad impact on you. There is a chance to stop the workout routine too. But, the group workout will increase your patience level. And together you will wait for the final results with proper daily exercise. 
  • Raise pain tolerance: The group exercise will increase your pain tolerance. The beginning time of every workout plan will be a little bit painful. So, there is a chance to drop out of the exercise in a solo workout. But in group exercise, you can not quit. So you improve your pain tolerance
  • Decrease laziness: Laziness is part of every exercise. But when you work out in a group, you can not stay lazy. When a person tries to stop the workout, the other mates will be a support for that person to start the workout again.
  • More active: The group work will always be more active. The group workout will always be energetic and it gives effective results. 
  • Try various workouts: Group workout offers various exercises to try out. There are different people with various capacities. So all of them try out various kinds of exercise. One can try out different kinds of exercise other than sticking onto a simple one. 
  • Increase focus: Group workouts can increase your focus also. Every group member has a competitive mind and you also put more focus on your workouts. 

Best Group Exercise 

  • Running 
  • Indoor cycling 
  • Dance 
  • Stretching 
  • Yoga 
  • Pilates 
  • Treadmill 
  • Core training


There are many benefits of exercise including strength and weight loss. Every type of exercise gives positive impacts. 

However, group exercise gives you more energy than a solo workout. There are many health benefits of group exercise. 

This article provides the health benefits of group workouts and trying out the recommended exercise. 

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