How To Gain Weight Naturally At Home In A Week?

Although people today are trying to lose weight by doing exercises and yoga, many are still trying to gain weight. Being underweight has many health-related issues and people who need to gain muscles will also have to put up the weight on their bodies.

Dos And Don’ts To Gain Weight At Home!

People with a BMI (Body Mass Index) of less than 18.5 are considered underweight and will have some health-related issues due to this. Girls are more likely to be underweight as compared to boys at a young age.

Gain Weight Naturally At Home

Following are the ways in which one can gain weight from home: –

  • Include Fats and CarbsFats and carbohydrates helps a person increase body weight quickly and these are healthy as well. Few of the food items which have high amounts of fats and carbohydrates are whole grains, rice, eggs, cheese, pumpkin seeds and coconut oil.
  • Have higher intake of calories One must know what their calorie intake is. This can be easily understood if you visit a dietician or a nutritionist. The best way to increase your calorie is to add 500 calories to your daily food and a person can gain roughly 1 kg in a week. There are 2 ways to increase calorie intake. Either have larger portion of meal or eat less but at regular intervals. One must also note that during exercise, the body burns calories in large amount and they need to account for that as well. Some high calorie foods are hummus, yogurt, protein smoothie, cereal bars and boiled eggs.
  • Get more protein The muscles in your body amount for a larger portion of body weight. Having more protein in the body helps in muscle development which in turn will raise the weight of the body. The best protein rich foods are fish, milk, meat, pulses, and grains.
  • Lift weight Lifting weights burns your calories and fats. Excess of the calories are stored as fats and are very hard to burn with normal exercises. Lifting weights also helps to shape up the muscles and increases your physical stamina as well.
  • Stay Hydrated Drinking water plays a major role in losing weight as people who drink water before a meal won’t be able to eat more. However, staying hydrated is quite necessary in weight gain as well. This is because water will remove all the unwanted toxins from your skin. Note that body can only remove a limited amount of water at a given time hence one must make a note of how much water to consume.
  • Eat potatoes Potatoes are rich in calories and starch and have been used for gaining weight since ancient times. If you are planning to consume sweet potato make sure to have it with butter or cheese and sweet potato has high amounts of starch which can lead to weight loss quickly.
  • Drink more shakes – There are much milkshakes available which are high in calories and proteins. These shakes can be purchased from almost all juice centers and are also easy to make at home. One can use milk, sugar and any fruit of their liking to create this. All of the ingredients used in shakes are healthy and helps in weight gain process.
  • Get proper sleep Sleep is the most important thing that the body needs. If the body does not get enough sleep it will burn through muscles and fats to get the required energy to get through the day. This in turn will lead to weight loss as muscles will be shrunk.
  • Quit smoking It has been found that people who smoke have lower weights as compared to non-smokers. Smoking makes your body feel that it is full and you take less food, while for daily functions the body has to rely on the stored fats and muscles.

If the above methods don’t help you in gaining weight, kindly consult a doctor who would access your body and metabolism rate. After checking this the doctor will prescribe a detailed diet that can be followed. One must also exercise appropriately so as to make this endeavor healthy. Mindless weight gain will have grave health issues in the future for a person.

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