Can You Gain Muscle While On A Calorie Deficit Diet?

In today`s world stay fit and healthy is one of the most important things. People do many exercises and do yoga for achieving this target. However, the most important thing to focus on is your diet. The question that puzzles many people is that is it possible to build muscle on a calorie deficit diet.

Is It Possible To Build Muscle While Cutting?

The answer is Yes, this can be done however, it should be noted that this is not an easy process. This is a complex process; many people think that if they are on a calorie deficit diet how will they get the extra fats to build the muscles. Another issue people often question is that if there is less calorie intake then the body will start burning muscles so as to produce energy for the body.

Gain Muscle While On A Calorie Deficit Diet

The process for gaining muscles in a calorie deficit diet is: –

  • Identify your foodIt is often said that you are what you eat and this can be true. One must make sure even though they have started less calorie diet they should find food which has high nutritional value. On a daily basis, our body acquires more than enough calorie for daily operations from the food we eat. Finding food with proper nutritional value will help you gain muscles as well. We can consult any nutrition expert who can suggest the right diet by checking our metabolism and other activities.
  • Find food with more protein While you are on a calorie deficit diet finding foods high in protein will help the body to use this for building muscles. Protein also helps in burning calories at a larger speed. Proteins are hard to metabolize and takes more calories to break it down. Hence many of the people working out prefer taking protein powder to get fit faster. However, it is to be noted that taking protein powder has its own risk and should only be done after consulting an expert.
  • Strength Training Strength training is essential is building muscles. When you lift heavy weights, the muscles will get tired and fatigued as well. Once the breaking limit is reached the body will tear down and if there is low calorie in the body the body will use muscle mass to repair the body. Thus, one must make sure that the calorie intake is sufficient for the body to repair the wear and tear as well.
  • Be Patient One must know that this is a long process. Many people in order to achieve the results quickly go for more workouts. In this process they shed their calories however, their muscle mass also decreases as there was no proper plan. As stated above if there is not enough supply of calories then body will start to break down the muscles for the required energy. It is to be noted that as the course of this goes on for longer duration the results will be less visible. It is easy and the difference is easily visible at the initial stage however, in the later stage it takes time.
  • Create workout plansOne must also set a proper workout plan by consulting their trainer and lift weights properly. People will also need to cycle their calorie. What this means is that person will have to change their diet to increase and decrease calories in the workout stage. This can be properly planned with the help of your dietician as well.

A trainer can prepare a workout plan which will consider strength training and cardio alternatively. Sugar is usually a big no, and one must stay away from it if one is going to gain muscles and lose calories. However, sugar is used for day-to-day activities like tea and coffee and this can be replaced by brown sugar or jaggery as well.


Many people stated that since they switched to brown sugar, they can see amazing changes in their body, and also there is no sugar rush as well. Food that is rich in fiber should be consumed more. Any green leafy vegetable will do the trick as they are rich in fiber. Fish and milk are also to be consumed during this process.

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