What Is Foam Rolling Exercise And What Are Its Benefits?

With more people hitting the gym and following a regular fitness regimen, the need for equipment or techniques that help the body relax and power up for further workout sessions has increased. The foam roller, which is basically a cylindrical tube made up of compressed foam, is being increasingly used, not only by athletes but also by anyone who engages in some form of exercise.

Foam Rolling Exercise – How It Is Helpful To Us?

Primarily used to treat sore muscles, today, this small piece of equipment is making a splash in various cases. It provides the body with a range of benefits and therefore is becoming very popular among fitness enthusiasts. If you too are ruminating about whether or not the foam roller is the right solution to your fitness issues, then here are a few benefits that might help you out.

Foam Rolling Exercise Benefits

1. Increases flexibility:

People commonly turn to stretch in order to improve the flexibility of the muscles in their bodies. Foam rolling works in the same way as stretching does, in order to provide increased flexibility and mobility to the body. When you roll over the foam roller, it loosens the muscles and reduces the level of friction between them, thus resulting in easier and more efficient movement. It allows your body to experience a range of movements, which improves the muscles’ ability to perform other exercises. The best part is that foam rolling improves flexibility without compromising the athletic prowess of the body.

2. Better posture:

For most of us, our postures have definitely seen better days. Slouched over a desk for the most part of the day does absolutely no favors to our back or spine. Foam rolling provides a sustainable and easy solution to improving our posture, and thereby reducing the risk of developing any back-related disorders. By improving the blood circulation within the muscles by kneading out the knots between them, foam rollers help us improve the alignment of the spine, head, and pelvis, thereby improving our posture.

3. Reduces the risk of injuries:

For people who regularly engage in intense physical activities, the prevention of injuries is one of the pressing concerns. By reducing the strain on the muscles and joints, foam rolling helps in reducing the risk of inflicting any injuries on strained muscles that are usually a result of intense training sessions. It reduces the pressure applied on them and enables them to be more agile, thus improving their performance in further workouts.

4. Antidote for muscular pain and tension:

By reducing the pressure applied on stress-carrying muscles, foam rolling can help in alleviating any pain that might have resulted from previous injuries. Rolling against the muscles that are in pain, in a gentle manner, can loosen them up and thus provide some immediate relief from the pain. That being said, never substitute foam rolling for a medical consultation since it could increase the severity of the injury in case of neglect.

5. Helpful for back pain:

Foam rolling is an excellent way to alleviate back pain since it helps to relax the muscles in the back portion of the body. Foam rollers must be used with caution while treating back pain, in order to prevent any further injuries. In order to derive maximum benefit from foam rolling, simply place the foam roller in alignment with the spine, and roll on it sideways. This can be extremely helpful in removing the knots from the back, thereby reducing the strain applied to the muscles.

6. Reduced appearance of cellulite:

Fascia is the connective tissue in the body, which results in the discernible appearance of cellulite. Foam rolling can loosen up the fascia, and thereby reduce the appearance of cellulite on the body. It also helps in smoothening out the skin, which too can decrease the prominence of cellulite against it.

To conclude, foam rolling provides solutions to various problems faced by fitness enthusiasts. It helps you save money on lengthy treatment procedures by reducing existing pain and also by decreasing the risk of injuries altogether. Foam rolling can also be used for a small workout, and thereby shed any extra calories. It enables your body to increase its range of motion, thereby improving the overall agility of the body. Foam rolling is a popular and effective practice, which results in a range of positive effects on the body.

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