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Our mission is to make it easy for everyone to eat delicious, nutrition-rich meals.  We make single-serving frozen meals and bowls balanced with the best sources of lean protein, fiber-rich whole grains, plentiful vegetables and healthy fats.  Our wholesome organic ingredients keep their flavors because they’re unprocessed.  So our recipes taste great without artificial flavorings.  Complete, wholesome and satisfying meals are now always an option and ready in minutes.

Wild Alaskan Salmon Meals
Wild Alaskan Salmon

Wild-caught Alaskan salmon seasoned with rosemary orange glaze, served with whole grain cranberry walnut rice pilaf and crisp broccoli.

Ginger Chicken Meals
Ginger Chicken

All natural grilled chicken breast made delicious with a tangy-spicy orange ginger sauce, served with whole grain edamame-almond rice pilaf and a healthy vegetable blend delicately seasoned with green tea glaze.

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Savory Turkey Meals
Savory Turkey

Savory grilled turkey breast in rosemary-shiitake mushroom sauce with crispy green beans and aromatic French green lentil-quinoa pilaf with walnuts and herbs.

Spiced Chicken Morocco Meals
Spiced Chicken Morocco

All natural grilled chicken breast in cinnamon-apricot tagine sauce accompanied by a chickpea-apricot-almond pilaf and tossed carrots and green beans

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Chicken Citron Meals
Chicken Citron

All natural grilled chicken breast delicately seasoned with lemon-herb glaze, served with thyme scented quinoa pilaf and a warm edamame-sundried tomato salad.

Wild Salmon with Pesto
Wild Salmon with Pesto

Wild Salmon with Pesto

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Grass-Fed Beef with Mushroom Sauce
Grass-Fed Beef with Mushroom Sauce

Grass-Fed Beef in Roasted Mushroom Sauce with French Lentils & Vegetables Medley

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