How Can You Detect And Treat Liver Cancer Early?

Liver cancer is one of the deadliest diseases which a person could have. If not identified at an early stage it can be life-threatening as well.

Few Diagnoses For Detecting Liver Cancer

Detect And Treat Liver Cancer
  • Blood test – Doctors might request for blood test which can detect any issues easily.
  • Imaging test – Imaging is another way where in doctor would take an image via ultrasound, MRI or CT of the liver to detect cancer.
  • Taking a sample – The most effective way to detect liver cancer is to take a small part of the tissue and check in the lab to be fully sure.

Treatment for Liver Cancer

  • Surgery – If a person has a healthy liver and it functions very well then, many a times a doctor would ask the patient to undergo a surgery to remove the infected parts which has cancerous cells. This has less complications however, person will have to go through rehab and do physical activities to bare minimum until the body is used to this.
  • Transplant – Liver transplant is done if the person`s liver can’t be saved from any method. In this case a healthy liver is taken from a person and is replaced with the diseased liver. This is don’t for very few people as there are many things to consider while doing a liver transplant. The organ should match the person and also should not have any other underlying medical issues.
  • Heating Cancer cells – Doctors use radiofrequency to eliminate cancer cells. This is done via exposure of electric current directly on the cells. Doctors identify the cancerous cells through imaging such as MRI and then they inject a small needle through stomach. As soon as they are heated the cancer cells are destroyed and then removed.
  • Freezing cancer cells – Another method is to freeze the cancer cells identified by ultrasounds or MRI. In this method doctors uses a cryoprobe and place them onto the cancer cells and liquid nitrogen is sprayed to instantly free the cells.
  • Use of Alcohol – Alcohol also causes the cancer cells to die instantly. In this method pure alcohol is sprayed through the skin or by making an incision.
  • Chemotherapy – This is one of the most effective ways to cure cancer from the liver. In this method strong anti-cancer medicines are given to the liver directly. This is a long procedure and takes a toll on the person`s body as well. Cancer cells grow at a fast pace and chemotherapy is used to stop this fast movement of cells and kill them. This can be taken as a pill or through a vein from the arm.
  • Radiation – Another successful method is using radiation. In this method a strong radiation is directed on the cancer cells which destroys them. Initially the cancer shrinks after being subjected to long period of radiation. This is used for people who have detected liver cancer quite late or for people who has advanced liver cancer. The doctors need to aim the machine on the cancerous tissue and by not touching the healthy tissue else the radiation will destroy healthy tissue as well. Cancerous tissue is detected via imaging methods.
  • Targeted drug therapy – Most of the cancer cells have some abnormalities within them. In this method the doctors and health care professionals develop a drug to combat these abnormalities. Once they are destroyed, the cancer cells also get destroyed. This method doesn’t work for everyone as this is dependent on the genes of a person.
  • Immunotherapy – Immune system fights off all the dangerous cells in the body. However, cancer creates a protein layer which makes the immune system think that its not harmful and doesn’t attack the cancerous cells. In this method, we stop cancerous cells from making the protein layer and thus the natural immune system attacks the cells.


If a doctor specifies any of the above-mentioned methods, one must make sure that they understand how it works so that they are more confident in the treatment. Early detection of the cancer is always helpful as the cells are not strong then. Also, early detection helps to eliminate cancer easily because the number of cancerous cells is low in the body.

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