Can You Control Diabetes Without Medicine Permanently?

Diabetes kills at least 79,535 people in the US every year. This silent but deadly disease, slowly works its way into your body, until it takes full control and has the potential to render you into a mere statistic in the grand scheme of things. As a result, controlling this disease becomes extremely impertinent for people who are afflicted by it.

How To Cure Type2 Diabetes Permanently?

Diabetes is often characterized by long lists of medication, regular doctor’s appointments, and an immense amount of fear for your mortality. While such medical intervention is absolutely necessary for the middle and later stages of diabetes, it can be regulated without any external medication in its initial few stages. Want to know how that works? Read on to find out!

Control Diabetes Without Medicine
  • Shed those extra pounds

People who fall into the overweight category are commonly found to be diagnosed with high blood pressure, heart ailments, and subsequently, high blood sugar and diabetes. As a result, watching your waistline and losing that additional weight becomes critical in the management of diabetes. Follow a healthy diet and take up a workout routine so that you can easily achieve your weight goals. You may even join weight loss programs to help you get there quicker.

  • Quit drinking and smoking

Tobacco and alcohol are extremely detrimental to your health, so it comes as no surprise that the act of consuming them can have irreversible consequences on your diabetes. Smoking raises your blood sugar levels and can even lead to a heart attack or a stroke. Alcohol is also packed with immense amounts of sugar, and as a result, can harm your condition. If you don’t smoke at all, then kudos to you, but for those who do smoke regularly, you have to find a way to quit. You can make use of nicotine patches or support groups so that the journey becomes a little easier.

  • Follow a healthy diet

The kind of diet that you follow plays a very critical role in controlling diabetes. In this fast-paced world, most people pick packaged food instead of home-cooked meals due to the paucity of time. However, this type of lifestyle will only do you more harm if you suffer from diabetes. Steer clear of processed foods that are laden with added sugars and saturated fats. Instead, switch your diet, so that it contains whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. These food items are packed with nutritional value and can help you manage diabetes.

  • Exercise regularly

Engaging in some form of physical activity becomes a must-do for people suffering from diabetes. Not only does exercise help in keeping your weight in check, but it also helps in bringing down your blood sugar levels. Take up a gym membership, or simply engage in other workouts such as running, cycling, swimming, et cetera. You may start slow by going for regular walks, and gradually acquainting your body with more intense forms of working out.

  • Reduce stress

Stress is often a leading trigger for high blood pressure, which is a huge problem for diabetic patients. This means that you may be able to manage diabetes if you steer clear of any stress-causing factors. Most of us follow busy schedules due to work or school, but it is important to find some serendipity amidst all of this chaos. Take up a stress-releasing activity, such as yoga, meditation, listening to music, drawing, et cetera. Basically, choose an activity that helps you calm down and ensure that you engage in it for at least one to two hours a day. Set up boundaries in the workplace, so that you are never burdened with more work than you can take.

Diabetes can be managed naturally, but only in its initial stages when the symptoms are not very intense. Once you begin to experience unmanageable signs, it is absolutely necessary for you to consult your doctor. You may still employ the use of the above-mentioned methods while on medication since a healthy lifestyle will bear positive effects on your body. Consult your doctor to take into condition the history of your health before venturing into any workout or diet plan. Steer clear of any harmful substances and junk food, since they bring nothing but danger and negativity. Be mindful of the kind of lifestyle choices you make, so that your diabetes can be controlled to a large extent.

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