Memory Boosting Foods – Brain Healing Foods!

Memory Boosting Foods - Brain Healing Foods!

Brains are the powerhouses of our bodies. Without an active brain, one cannot think of surviving. Be it speech or cognition, hearing or thinking everything is controlled by our brains. Our memory helps us to remember every detail of important things. Recognizing people in our day-to-day life is also possible because of the brain. It … Read more

Gained Weight During The Pandemic? Here’s How To Lose It!

Gained Weight During The Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic caused the entire world to go under lockdown. People were quarantined inside their homes for long periods of time as all human activity came to a standstill. Quarantine Weight Gain Stories! Work-from-home became the new way of working, changing people’s lifestyle and habits. Emerging out of quarantine many people are now seeing … Read more