Can You Do Planks Every Day? Benefits Of Doing Plank Everyday For 1 Minute!

Endurance lies in the core, and to strengthen your core, there isn’t a better option than the plank. Plank, also known as an abdominal bridge, is a type of exercise that involves holding on to a position that is similar to the pushups for as much time as possible. This kind of plank is known as forearm plank and it is the most common type of plank. There are a few other plank forms as well.

How Many Planks Should You Do In A Day For Getting Abs?

Sporting professionals like soccer players, boxers, volleyball players, basketball players, etc do practice planks to strengthen their core muscles and thereby increase their body’s endurance. The plank not only strengthens your abdominal muscles, but also it does possess a positive impact on your back muscles, shoulder muscles, and forearm muscles.

Benefits Of Doing Plank Everyday

The world record for the longest ever plank is held by Daniel Scali, for his nine hours and thirty minutes long forearm plank. 

Benefits of doing planks regularly

  • The plank strengthens your core.

The strength of the core muscles determines one’s overall stamina and endurance.

  • Low risk of injury.

There are plenty of other types of exercises that enhance the core muscles, but all these do possess the risk of getting injured to a certain extent. The plank exercise is considered relatively injury-free compared to other forms of exercise. 

  • Plank reduces lower back pain.

There are many reported cases of chronic back pain relief from doing the plank, especially in women. Some women may develop back pain after their cesarean and hysterectomy. Plank exercises may act as a curing agent from those chronic dull pains. 

  • Plank does enhance the body’s overall performance. 

Core muscles determine the overall strength, endurance, and swiftness of your body. If you have a healthy core muscle system, then the job is half done. A healthy core muscle system indicates your overall health scenario. You cannot afford to have some weak core muscles. Along with enhancing your core muscles, plank ensures your health’s overall well-being. 

Two major types of planks

  • Forearm Plank

 As the name suggests, forearm planks include holding on to a pushup-like position with your forearms for a certain period. 

  • Straight Arm Plank  

A straight arm plank is almost like a forearm plank, but it is slightly complicated. It’s one step further from the forearm plank. Straight arm plank usually starts withholding your body into a pushup-like position, with your palms facing to the ground. Then, you should push yourself into the ground and at the same time, you are supposed to lift the torso upward as if you are in an upward position of push-ups. 

Doing planks every day for your overall health and strength.

Just like any other exercise, if done correctly, regularly, it does benefit a lot. Plank is an old-school, classic exercise that enhances your body from head to toe. Plank is also an injury risk-free exercise comparatively. You should make sure that you start with a lower duration of time and increase the time gradually. You should focus on your proper form first, instead of the amount of time.

You can witness your body transforming into one fine piece of art if the plank is done regularly. It also does relieve your stress and does have a positive impact on your overall mental well-being. Which again is an important thing to take care of in this contemporary era.

So we can conclude that plank is a very effective, injury-free exercise and if done regularly, it does create some magical results in your body.  

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