Best Diet Plan For Anemia – What You Can Eat If You Have Anemia?

Anemia is a medical term. It means that your body lacks enough red blood cells, which leads to pallor and weariness. Anemia treatment plans often include a change in the diet. It has food rich in iron and other vitamins essential for hemoglobin and red blood cell production. This article will provide you with the perfect diet plan to help you recover from anemia in no time!

What Is Anemia? How Can It Be Cured?

Before we go into the details of a well-planned diet, let us know more about anemia. Anemia occurs when your body lacks sufficient amounts of red blood cells to carry oxygen to your body’s organs. Instead, these cells travel with iron and hemoglobin. Various types of anemia tend to affect people, but the most common anemia includes iron deficiency. Common symptoms include feeling tired or weak, pale skin, and waves of coldness down your body.

Best Diet Plan For Anemia

Meal Wise Diet Plan

A proper diet plan for patients suffering from anemia includes a good balance between heme and non-heme foods rich in iron, like meat, seafood, poultry, iron-rich vegetables, nuts, seeds, and beans. It is essential to design the diet plan to have foods that will help the body absorb iron and eliminate those that interfere with the process.


Option 1: Prepare oatmeal with dry fruits and nuts. You can include cashew, pine nuts, or hemp seeds as they are a good source of iron.

Option 2– Scrambled eggs with spinach and tomatoes + two whole-grain toasts + one glass of iron-fortified orange juice.

Option 3– Two slices of brown bread + one banana + one glass of orange juice + four pistachios and three cashew nuts.


Option 1– One orange + one cup pomegranate.

Option 2– One guava + one orange.

Option 3– One cup pomegranate + one guava.


Option 1– One cup salad + 2 chapatis( handmade bread) + one cup fortified rice + one cup dal (masoor dal) + one fresh lime a side of leafy green vegetables with tomatoes + fish/ poultry. You can alternate the fish/poultry with one cup of curd.

Option 2– One cup parboiled rice + half a cup rajma (kidney beans) + one-fourth of a cup fried Joseph’s coat leaves + fish/egg/green-leafy vegetable curry + one fresh lime.

Option 3– Two chapatis (handmade bread) + half a cup mixed dal + one bowl potato and drumstick curry + one-piece fried fish.

Evening Snacks

Option 1– Sunflower seeds, raisins, and dry fruits.

Option 2– Roasted chana + jaggery.

Option 3– Roasted rice flakes + one-third cup grated coconut.


Option 1– Two to three chapatis (handmade bread) + fish/vegetable/poultry curry + fried beetroot.

Option 2– One cup vegetable/chicken soup + two pieces of chicken roll.

Option 3– One cup parboiled rice + green leafy vegetable one cup + one bowl rajma (kidney beans) curry.

Tips For Treating Anemia

  1. Eat iron-rich food along with foods rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C helps the absorption of iron.
  2. Cook food for a shorter period and use iron vessels for cooking them.
  3. Eat more pulses to increase your iron intake.
  4. Eat red meat and liver that are lean and rich in easily absorbed iron.
  5. Drink sufficient water in a day. This keeps your body hydrated.


  1. Avoid eating food rich in calcium with those rich in iron.
  2. Refrain from drinking coffee along with meals.
  3. You should avoid tannin-rich food because these compounds interfere with the absorption of iron.


Maintaining a proper diet helps in the adequate absorption of iron and the utilization of nutrients. If the iron deficiency is detected early, a good diet is essential to help you get back to normal. You can consult a professional as well. Keep eating healthy!

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